Where To Start

So you’re planning a special occasion and wonder “Where do I start?”. Wether it be a wedding, bridal shower or any personal celebration, there are SEVEN easy checkpoints you can prepare that will make the use of time with your chosen caterer more efficient and stress free. Take a few extra moments prior to your meeting to list your answers and your caterer will LOVE you for it!

1. What is your BUDGET? Remember your caterer usually handles more than just preparing the food for your event and having an idea of what your would like to spend will make the planning process go more smoothly. Does the final quoted cost include the delivery, set-up and breakdown, catering staffing fees, serving pieces, and sales tax? What is the deadline for changes to the original order and are there any charges for these changes? Is there an additional charge to use a credit card as payment?

2. Do you have a PLAN OF ACTION? Do you have a venue in mind? How many guests will be attending? What is your preferred date and do you have an alternative date- just in case?

3. What is INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE? Will the caterer provide tables, chairs, plates, glasses, serving equipment and linen? If not, is there someone they recommend that will provide the essentials for the event?

4. Is the caterer FAMILIAR WITH YOUR VENUE? If not, you may want to schedule a walkthrough so you both can discuss the location and it’s amenities or any challenges.

5. Does anyone in your party have SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS? Can the caterer
accommodate special requests that you may have on the menu?

6. Do you have and EVENT PLANNER? Having an event planner can be very helpful. Many times the caterer and the event planner work hand in hand. An established caterer you trust can usually make a recommendation for an equally professional planner.

7. TRYING TO SAVE MONEY? Talk to your caterer about serving options and food
ingredients. Do you want passed hor d’oeuvres, food stations, or a full sit down meal?

There are several elements, such as food production costs, presentation, as well as
ingredient costs that your caterer can often adjust to work within your budget.
Having your personal answers to these seven questions prepared for your meeting will save both you and your caterer planning time and eliminate a lot of confusion. Efficient planning will give you the opportunity to do what is most important during your event; make wonderful memories and enjoy your time with your guests!
Debbie Talley and HOT SPRINGS CATERING COMPANY is available to make any event a SPECIAL occasion! Call to make an appointment or with any questions and let them help create beautiful memories for you and your guests.